We are able to offer vaccination against coronavirus in line with UK Government guidelines.

Bookings are now being managed by a Central team in Westminster rather than by the surgery.

If you require proof of your vaccine status do not contact the surgery, please download the NHS app.

If you cannot do this, please call 119 who will assist you.

The NHS is currently offering both Third Vaccinations and Booster Vaccinations to specific patient groups.

These are distinct vaccination programmes though there may be some confusion for patients between the two programmes.


Covid-19 Booster Vaccination


This is being offered to patients who received there second Covid-19 vaccination over six months ago.


Covid-19 Third Vaccination


This is being offered selectively to vunerable patient groups, without the need for a six month wait.


It is called a third vaccination because it is being offered to patients who are less likely to have had a strong immune response to the first two doses. It is possible these patients may be called for a booster vaccination at a later point.


We are aware some hospitals and clinics have been contacting patients to advise them to contact their GP to arrange a third vaccination.


Unfortunately, this is not correct and we cannot arrange this for you.


You will be contacted by the Central Westminister Team when you are due to be vaccinated.

For the latest information on groups being vaccinated and to book your first vaccine please click here

If you are waiting for a 2nd vaccine you will be contacted just before 12 weeks.

This may be shortened to 8 weeks if you are over 50.

Please only contact us if it has been 12 weeks since your 1st vaccine.

We strongly encourage you to get vaccinated. Please note the vaccinations are not being given at the practice.

Please take a look at the messages from Dr. Thompson and Dr. Liu by clicking here.

Currently patients are being offered vaccination against coronavirus in line with the priority groupings as determined by the UK Government.  Please note that we are not able to deviate from this guidance. We will continue to monitor latest guidance and will adapt accordingly.

Those with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality’ from coronavirus will include those patients with diabetes, heart disease, chronic respiratory problems, obesity, some cancers.

Should you require more information on priority groups, please refer to the UK Government guidance