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We usually advise that waiting times for an urgent referral are approximately 6 weeks, and for routine referrals approximately 12 weeks.

Currently with pressure on NHS services due to coronavirus, particularly hospitals, the waiting times for outpatient appointments may be considerably longer.

We expect this increase in waiting times to persist for some time after the latest coronavirus peak.

Unfortunately we have no control over waiting times in secondary care.

Please note that for referrals made on a ‘2 week wait’ pathway, the waiting time for an appointment should remain less than 2 weeks.

Current indicative wait times for routine appointments are:

Speciality                                                   Waiting time for routine appointment (weeks)


Orthopaedics                                            16

Gynaecology                                             16

Dermatology                                             16

Neurology                                                  16

Rheumatology                                           16

Respiratory                                                 16

Urology                                                       16


You can contact the appointments line for the hospital to which you have been referred​​

  • UCLH: 0203 456 7890

  • St. Marys/Imperial: 020 3312 6666

  • Guys and St Thomas': 020 7188 7188

If you are worried that your condition is worsening whilst waiting for your appointment, then please contact the surgery and ask for an appointment with one of our clinicians who can address your clinical concern.

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